I ran two hours and only fell once. That’s progress in my case. Still, it hurts a little.

Today’s drawing will be light and uplifting, to hopefully relieve some of the SAD.

Pure Imagination as performed by Gene Wilder in the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” is both haunting and fascinating. I suppose this is why ideas are shared to the world, not the underlying thoughts that led to an idea, which can be disconcerting and dark.

I went to the vet this afternoon to discuss the veterinary condition of my cat Rasheed, based on the lab reports. It was inconclusive. He has to have another test to exclude pyelonephritis.

I made a TextExpander snippet that creates a universal link to a micro.blog user:


The username is assumed to be on the clipboard before invoking the macro.

Since movies aren’t supported on micro dot blog, I thought I’d try an animated GIF instead to show you the speed painting of the drawing I did yesterday. Fingers crossed it works 😯

It seems short messages help to reduce any friction to write. Two things, I’ve met people who don’t bother writing unless it involves a thousand words at least. Second, I often found friction useful to have time to think about what will exist for eternity.