While walking and humming I found myself in tears over my recently deceased feline friend. To balance myself emotionally I need some fun in my life, a portrait!

Drawing other people’s cats. It’s (totally) a thing 😸

It turns out it’s surprisingly hard to draw an apple and not mess up.

Since micro.blog is a paid platform, I wanted to see if it was something for me. I’m not a programmer, nor an idealist for open standards. If these are the only things supposedly keeping me hooked, it’s not working. I’m seriously considering deactivating the account.

If I had to derive any meaning from two of my cats leaving the plane of existence in September (2017, 2018) it is that in the 9th month 9 lives were spent. It is, of course, pure happenstance.

Today I felt numb inside, for obvious reasons, and my art reflected that a bit. Still, it’s better than crying all day over the loss of a dear pet.

Day 65. Mahtab B on sktchy app

My dear Bengal cat Rasheed has died because of completions with peritonitis. He was put to sleep to avoid any more suffering. This sucks!


Rasheed reached the ripe old age of 15 years, 5 months and 23 days.