Halloween’s early! Well, it was either this, or an almost saccharine scene of cute young girl wearing a sweater with a kitty and bunny, girl holding a baby bird.

If I were to get a playmate for my cat, I assume it would involve a lot of hissing and posturing at first, sizing each other up.

Made this sketch yesterday, and found myself too tired to finish. I’ll try and do that today.

I gave micro.blog three weeks to settle into my life. I’m not impressed, I’m sorry to mention. It feels too much like a service in beta. I’ll keep posting on my blog, but delete the iOS apps for a few months. In the New Year I’ll reinstall them, and try again for a few weeks.

Today’s drawing is a mix of digital pastels and photo manipulation. Yeah, I didn’t have enough time for a full drawing.

Tip, since micro.blog doesn’t have a search feature, use Google instead. My favorite search query on Google Image search:

guinea pig site:micro.blog

I find it peculiar that people on the IndieWeb, so averse towards others owning their content, use proprietary hardware, which basic design is owned by a few companies, preying on people’s materialism and fashion sense. IndieWeb idealism has a very narrow scope, it seems to me.