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I find it peculiar that people on the IndieWeb, so averse towards others owning their content, use proprietary hardware, which basic design is owned by a few companies, preying on people’s materialism and fashion sense. IndieWeb idealism has a very narrow scope, it seems to me.

Now I have a solid base, the rest should be easy, right? Or maybe not.

I’m puzzled by Apple’s move to introduce new (additional) devices running iOS. Wasn’t the whole point of the iPhone that it had everything in one little device, unifying several devices into one? What has changed?

Let it broil in the mind for a while longer, to foster creativity and whimsy. This idea of non-commitment bumps around in my head right now.

Today’s drawing should be more from my imagination than redrawing the reference photo. The grid method can take a day off.

I pulled it of, sort of. I should’ve worked more on it, but I lost my energy. Ah well!

Still in between underdrawing and underpainting, laying a foundation for the final rendering of this 🦆 Everything is in flux, even my certainty if I pull this one off 😕