Still in between underdrawing and underpainting, laying a foundation for the final rendering of this 🦆 Everything is in flux, even my certainty if I pull this one off 😕

Sometimes it takes longer to set up a new workflow. Figuring things out took me hours. Then I got just enough time to jot down an outline.

Today a 🦆 in a pond from someone with a peculiar username on Sktchy. Not that I’m judging.

All this writing about what other people are supposedly thinking or are motivated by. I can’t even know (as a fact) my own thought processes, nor my reasons for doing things. How am I supposed to know those of others? It’s all stories to me, not reality.

I had my fun with the iPastels app and Beastly Undesirable Squirrel from the French Girls app (for drawing, selling and buying art based on selfies), both on iOS.

While walking and humming I found myself in tears over my recently deceased feline friend. To balance myself emotionally I need some fun in my life, a portrait!

Drawing other people’s cats. It’s (totally) a thing 😸

It turns out it’s surprisingly hard to draw an apple and not mess up.