Base colors done in a mere hour and 42 minutes. Yeah, I’m slow.

Is there a Find My Apple Pencil app? I keep misplacing mine 😬

I hate it when an expensive lab test is inconclusive. On the one hand, it’s great nothing serious is going on with your animal. On the other hand, the health problems remain. I suppose when the rest of the results are in, it’s just like Churchil said: “We just KBO,” (keep buggering on).

It is funny how being tired influences the brain’s higher functions. Instead of sleeping, or taking things easy, I continued what I set out to do, until I wasn’t able to, and passed out (read: went to bed early). It can’t be a sustainable way to lead one’s life.

I just went to the vet with my 15 years old cat for blood sampling. He behaved well, which delighted the vet. Now the waiting is for the results to explain why he is losing weight.