I used to love watching YouTube, as time-delayed videos. But now, with all this live events going on, not so much anymore. It’s the same reason I hardly watch regular TV anymore. I want to watch on demand.

I made this Tomb Raider fan art in the Funko Rock Candy art style.

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It’s a month since my dear cat Rasheed died. I stopped being emotional, but my life is still disrupted. I can’t sleep well at night and am somewhat distracted during the day. The other cat doesn’t miss him, apparently, but I can’t know for sure, other than he strongly bonds with me now.

This is what happens if one watches too much Netflix, and then draws something from imagination. The cats are from photo reference, though.

I was quite pleased how this digital collage turned out with the lasso tool in ArtStudio. I could only find photo collage apps.

Say it’s only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea…

Halloween’s early! Well, it was either this, or an almost saccharine scene of cute young girl wearing a sweater with a kitty and bunny, girl holding a baby bird.

If I were to get a playmate for my cat, I assume it would involve a lot of hissing and posturing at first, sizing each other up.