While my cat is sick, yet stable, awaiting further treatment later in the day, I started today’s crayon drawing in Procreate.

Rasheed has resumed eating, and hungry he is! It isn’t his kidney dietary food, but I don’t care. Neither does he.

Rasheed resumes eating

My cat’s health plummeted last night, and I went to the vet this morning. Rasheed is still very nauseous, but no longer dehydrated.

Rasheed nauseous in his carrying case

Something like two hours of sketching and three hours of coloring for this drawing. It was so hard to pull off, but I did it!

Today’s iOS 12 launch day. Logic dictates to wait, and let beta-testers and early adopters sort out this mess called “new code.”

I prefer a working iPad for drawing.

If failure is an opportunity to learn, I guess I had that today. Too bad that I was always so bad at retaining lesson material, prone to repeat mistakes ad infinitum.

I ran two hours and only fell once. That’s progress in my case. Still, it hurts a little.

Today’s drawing will be light and uplifting, to hopefully relieve some of the SAD.

Pure Imagination as performed by Gene Wilder in the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” is both haunting and fascinating. I suppose this is why ideas are shared to the world, not the underlying thoughts that led to an idea, which can be disconcerting and dark.